Over 50 years of experience

The PM workshop for precision tooling and mechanics opened in Dedemsvaart, the Netherlands. As one of the first manufacturers of linear crossed roller bearings in the world, the pioneering spirit started back in 1966. With the focus on hightech markets PM enjoyed a sustained period of steady growth during its early years.


PM is founded in 1966 as Precisie Metaal (English: Precision Metals) as a family-owned company and has remained such ever since. From the outset this focus on high quality machinery in combination with craftsmanship has been the foundation for PM’s tradition of quality and precision. To this day, PM continues to push its products beyond the customer’s specifications, through constant investments in engineering and production processes.


From 1970 onwards the company experienced a steady growth, both in influx of personnel and innovations in its design and machining processes. Still, personal attention and active involvement of employees throughout the product lifetime process has remained a key value, giving PM the freedom to tailor their products specifically to the customer’s needs.


PM quickly outgrew its original premises and moved to a new location. With this company move in 1980, PM started to focus on development and production of its first linear bearings made to customer specification.

At the very end of the 1980s, the pioneering spirit and the engineering enthousiasm led to a new rotational bearing type RPM,  a novelty in its day. This bearing is characterized by its accuracy and high repeatability.


A change of owner in 1999 caused the innovations in miniaturization and automation take off significantly. A renewed focus on miniature (PMM) slides, systems and automation of its production process results in a high volume production at a high quality level. It cemented PM’s position as an international player in the field of precision positioning equipment with the production capacity to match.


A tendency towards continuous innovation caused PM to outgrow its facilities again and in 2004 a move was made to its current location, with a 13,000 m2 production plant, ISO class 5 cleanroom and state-of-the art office spaces. This move catapulted the company upwards in terms of customers and growth.

As part of its vision for the future, at the start of the twenty-first century PM started to focus on integrated motion and positioning solutions, with mechanical high accuracy linear bearings as their backbone.

Todays focus on R&D and engineering

PM uses a multidisciplinary approach to system design, where competences in the areas of mechanical, control and mechatronic system engineering are united. This system-oriented approach enables full exploitation of PM’s precision products with an eye towards applications in nanometer precision positioning. A dedicated R&D-department ensures innovation in high tech positioning systems is always a priority. PM has an ongoing cooperation with several research and educational institutes throughout the Netherlands and regularly takes part in national and regional innovation incubation programs.

Still expanding

In 2014 the limits of the facilities were reached and PM doubled the space and invested in automation for around-the-clock production, extended cleanroom facilities, a state-of-the-art ERP system and improved design software.


In 2017 PM reached a milestone with the manufacturing of the 100,000th PMMR. This milestone was reached in a relatively short time frame of 2.5 years. The PMMR is a great succes in micro assembly machines, medical equipment and optical devices.

New logo

In december 2017 we introduced our new logo. It represent the innovative and aspirational vision of the companies future. It appear faster, slicker and cleaner. The yellow color has three functions;

  1. it symbolise the more than 50 years history as yellow has been a part of the logo from the start in 1966;

  2. the new yellow color gives an extra attention to the company core competence and main business driver, innovative solutions based on crossed roller technology. The M-include the V-groove and the yellow letter P also symbolise the crossed roller;

  3. it stands for energy, happiness, craftmanship and flexibility. Values which are supported by PM and recognised by their customers which was one of the results listed in our recent marketing survey in 2017.


The company slogan is unchanged and remains the same: Discover Precision. It improves the brand message and the promise of PM. Our linear bearings, slides and positioning systems are reknown for their high precision. Customers will find new possibilities to improve the precision of their machines or devices with the expertise knowledge in linear bearing technology of PM. With PM they will discover new possibilities.