1 December 2017

Announcing new logo

Big news! Today, after 50 years, we’re releasing an updated brand identity which includes a new logo, colors, and font. You’ll see the new look anywhere, like our new website, catalogs, LinkedIn, YouTube, multimedia productions; very soon you’ll see it on our products as well.

We have updated our brand identity, an evolution of our more than 50 years old identity and we believe it match better to our current company position: an innovator in high precision linear bearing technology and positioning systems.

Old logo

Since our foundation in 1966, we’ve used the logo which is very detailed and consists of two crossed roller rails with a roller cage in between. The last two decade we’ve changed quite a lot and introduced the two eyes banner as part of the brand identity. Also over the years, as part of the evolution, the company name changed from Precisiemetaal – Aalbers B.V. into PM-Bearings B.V. (1998) and today into PM B.V. The new company name make it easier to use in our global business. We removed the name bearings because we are more than just a linear bearing manufacturer since al large part of our business exists of complete Mechatronical systems.

New logo

The new logo represent the innovative and aspirational vision of the companies future. It appear faster, slicker and cleaner. The yellow color has three functions;

  1. it symbolise the more than 50 years history as yellow has been a part of the logo from the start in 1966;

  2. the new yellow color gives an extra attention to the company core competence and main business driver, innovative solutions based on crossed roller technology. The M-include the V-groove and the yellow letter P also symbolise the crossed roller;

  3. it stands for energy, happiness, craftmannship and flexibility. Values which are supported by PM and recognised by their customers which was one of the results listed in our recent marketing survey in 2017.

The company slogan is unchanged and remains the same: Discover Precision. It improves the brand message and the promise of PM. Our linear bearings, slides and positioning systems are reknown for their high precision. Customers will find new possibilities to improve the precision of their machines or devices with the expertise knowledge in linear bearing technology of PM. With PM they will discover new possibilities.