Our industries

PM specialises in the delivery of precision linear bearings, positioning systems and complete motion solutions for high-tech industries including medical science, the semiconductor industry, non-destructive analysis and precision optical lenses. For other markets, such as automotive, we deliver reliable linear bearings used in pick-and-place modules.

Medical science and clinical applications

PM linear bearing components, modules, sub-assemblies, and high-accuracy positioning solutions are used in medical devices and applications in scientific disciplines such as pathology, ophthalmology, microsurgery, and radiotherapy.
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PM precision parts are found in manipulators, microscopes, 3D imaging systems, tooling and patient beds (to adjust patient positioning). These applications meet the evolving demands of clinics worldwide and contribute to patients’ quality of life.


For many years PM has been a trusted supplier to various international operators in the semiconductor industry, both front-end and back-end. We possess the engineering and manufacturing expertise to deliver linear bearing components and positioning systems for every stage in the production process of advanced chips.

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Industry demand has been a strong driver for our innovations, for example, our non-magnetic ceramic linear bearings for applications in electron microscopy and the PMMR micro roller slides for use in high-speed component placement.

Other applications for the semiconductor industry such as lithography, surface inspection, bonding and probe testing benefit from PM high precision products such as our RSDE type linear bearings and custom-designed positioning systems.

PM is proud to be trusted by our customers in high-tech industries across the globe


Within the science and technology industry, PM is an established supplier of integrated solutions to the non-destructive testing market. Operators in today’s structure and element analysis industry rely on our multi-axis motion systems with high repeatability to achieve highly accurate measurements. PM has been a trusted supplier for decades of cutting-edge positioning systems, sample stages, handling robots and sample holders for use in Tomography and XRD/XRF imaging, Raman spectroscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy. We also design and produce miniaturised positioning solutions for desktop systems to customer specification.


PM's precision linear bearings and frictionless linear slides are used as machine components in the production of precision optical lenses. These high-end lenses are found in applications requiring a high level of precision, such as microscopy (including surgical vision systems) and semiconductor manufacturing.

We also supply high-tech producers of zooming and focusing systems operating in the smallest assembly spaces. Our team of highly skilled engineers is able to design custom solutions for the integration of linear bearings, drives and sensors in positioning systems – from single prototype to high volume serial production.

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Life sciences

PM is a supplier of high-precision manipulators and microscope stages for use in the life sciences industries such as molecular biology, biomedical research, and nanotechnology.

With these applications in mind, we developed our SF-class precision linear bearings with an improved surface finishing of the contact area between roller and rail. The unique SF-class grinding technology results in ultra-smooth motion. Our RSDE linear bearings and RNG compact bearings are among the products of choice for life sciences industries.

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We supply linear bearings and custom-designed single or multi-axis positioning systems with lengths up to 1400 mm for use by metrology specialists in the automotive and aerospace markets as well as industrial metrology applications requiring high accuracy and repeatability.

Popular products in these markets include our recirculating units, RSD linear bearings and RSDE linear bearings with SF-class finishing.