September 12, 2017

PM celebrates 100-thousandth sale of PMMR component

Today PM reached a milestone in the production line of the micro slide PMMR. A milestone is reached today as PM sold its 100,000th part in the PMMR micro slide production line.

Since its introduction to the market two and a half years ago in 2015, the PMMR micro slide has proven to be a great success for use in micro assembly machines, medical equipment and optical devices.

Its compact size combined with high stiffness due to the crossed roller bearings offers unparalleled accuracies in positioning.

PMMR achieves unprecedented accuracies in positioning due to its compact size and high stiffness resulting from its crossed roller bearings.

All PMMR parts are made of stainless steel, which also make them an excellent choice for use in ultra-high vacuum devices. PMMR can be supplied cleaned and bagged for ultra-high vacuum at PM’s in-house cleanroom facilities.

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