December 1, 2017

Announcing our new logo

Big news! Today, after 50 years, we’re releasing an updated brand identity which includes a new logo, colours, and font. You’ll see the new look anywhere, including on our new website, Product Catalogues, LinkedIn and YouTube channels, and very soon you’ll see it on our products as well.

After 50 years of organic company growth we decided it was time for an update of our brand identity to better reflect PM’s current position as innovators in high precision linear bearing technology and positioning systems, and the company’s global reach.

Old logo and name change

Since the company’s foundation in 1966, we’ve used a logo showing the PM initials integrated in a precise graphic representation of two crossed roller rails and a roller cage between them. Over the last two decades especially, the business has seen considerable change and with it the words ‘Precisie Metaal’ were added inside a ring shape in the logo.

Over time, the company name was first changed from Precisiemetaal – Aalbers B.V. into PM-Bearings B.V. (in 1998) and today it is being changed into PM B.V.

The new company name PM B.V. was chosen because it is even easier to use in our global dealings as a business. Also, it was appropriate to remove the word ‘bearings’ from the name to more accurately reflect the fact that our activity goes beyond just linear bearing manufacturing, as nowadays a considerable part of our business centres on complete mechatronical systems.

New logo

The new logo represent our innovative nature and aspirational vision for the future. The use of the colour yellow has three functions;

1. As yellow has featured in our logo since the company’s beginnings in 1966, it stands for continuity and over 50 years of history;

2. Yellow is used to accentute the company’s core competency and main business driver, i.e. innovative solutions based on crossed roller technology (the letter P in the logo). Furthermore, in the design of the letter M one can recognise the V-groove;

3. Yellow stands for energy, happiness, craftmanship and flexibility. These are all values that PM subscribes to, and is recognised for by its customers – as per the results of our recent marketing survey in 2017.

The company slogan ‘Discover Precision’ remains unchanged. It supports the brand message and our promise to customers that by working with PM they will discover new possibilities.

Our linear bearings, slides and positioning systems are renowned for their high precision. Our team’s expert knowledge of linear bearing technology makes customers discover new scope to enhance and improve the precision of their machines or devices.

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