November 11, 2019

New: Miniature slides MSR for highest dynamics and precision

PM announce a new product which is the smallest miniature slide available in the industry with cross roller bearing and anti-cage creep technology. This product has been developed due to the increasing demand for smaller slides that must be able to move quickly and with high accuracy.

The new miniature slide MSR series is available in 6 sizes and is available in different lengths and stroke lengths. The series starts at a rail width of 4 mm and with a maximum stroke of 5 mm and goes up to 15 mm rail width with a maximum stroke of 112 mm. The smallest miniature slide is MSR 4 with an overall height of just a 4mm, width of 7mm and 10 mm length with 5 mm maximum stroke length.

This link takes you to the page with the stepfiles of the miniature roller tables type MSR.

High loads and accelerations capabilities

All parts are manufactured out of corrosion-resistant steel, for the bearings high-precision cylindrical rollers are used. These rollers are arranged in a crisscross pattern; meaning that each roller is oriented at a 90 degrees angle relative to the one next to it, and being kept in a stainless steel cage. This design enables the slide to support loads and moments from all directions and it also contributes to high stiffness. The max. acceleration is determined at 200 m/s2 and max. load capacity is 7.819 N.


Integrated Anti-Cage Creep mechanism ACCI

All sizes of the MSR slides are featured with an advanced and robust anti-cage creep mechanism. It will retain the roller cage in position under the most demanding conditions, like high accelerations and vertical mounting orientation. ACCI guarantees that the maximum stroke always can be achieved, even under the harshest environments.


Easy mounting - High precision

The miniature slide table and center rail have a standard attachment hole pattern with countersunk and treaded holes. This enables the user to mount the slide easily and simply into the application. All the miniature slides are in-house preloaded by means of geometry pairing of the cylindrical rollers within tolerances of just 0.5 micron. This results in nearly frictionless motion with a high precision stroke and a smooth running behaviour.


Unique design

The MSR series is unique in its class. This is because the combination of cross roller cages with an anti-cage creep mechanism in these small carriage sizes were previously considered impossible. The engineers at PM have managed to bring these parts together in a compact package.