Linear motion product selection

In order to select the linear motion product, you may choose to utilize either the filter or directly select linear guide components, ready-to-install linear guideway sets, or compact frictionless linear slides. Should a standard product not align with your precise requirements, our team of experts will collaborate with you to devise a tailored solution that satisfies your unique needs.

The PM range of linear guides includes crossed roller series RSD, deep groove series RSDE, compact series RNG with crossed roller cage, and linear guideways type N/O or M/V with needle roller cage. These products come with matching accessories such as cages and end pieces. The RSDE and RNG series are available with integrated and robust anti cage creep technology ACC and ACCI (for stainless steel linear bearings).

The linear slides series also referred to as roller tables, are developed for short to medium-stroke applications and offer precision, stiffness, and reliability with unsurpassed quality of performance. Frictionless slides, commonly referred to as crossed roller tables or linear slides, are made of steel or cast iron for the RT series and aluminum for the RTA series.

The RTNG slides are specially designed to perform in environments where particles like dust and dirt are found. Due to the closed design of this slide, the rails are protected from pollution.

Low-profile RTS slides are available in steel. The through-hardened center rail acts as a table base part and features attachment holes for easy mounting.

The PMM miniature slides (ball cage type) and PMMR miniature slides (crossed roller cage type) are made of corrosion-resistant steel and are specifically designed for tight spaces.

Space miracle MSR: the smallest miniature slide on the market with crossed roller cages and anti-cage creep technology. The MSR series with 7 sizes offers maximum precision and rigidity.

Types RT, RTA, RTS, PMM, PMMR, and MSR have equal-length table tops and bases.

All PM linear slides can be used in both horizontal and vertical applications. Frictionless linear slides are designed for, but not limited to, the life sciences, medical and semiconductor industries and offer smooth motion with precision, rigidity, and a long operational lifetime.

Linear components and frictionless linear slides can be modified for specific environments such as vacuum, ultra-high vacuum, high temperature, and others. They can be supplied cleaned and packed, ready for use in vacuum environments. Click here for more information on customised linear slide solutions. 

For non-magnetic or ultra-high vacuum applications we supply customised ceramic linear guides or linear bearings.