Customised 5-Axis Manipulator for cleanroom class 6 operation

Positioning stability, dynamics and precision are crucial in the field of in-line wafer inspection to maximise throughput. PM was requested to deliver a multi-axis positioning solution for smooth high-speed scanning and reliable operation. Our system engineers worked closely together with the customer to understand their project needs and achieve critical project goals.

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The challenges

  • Achieve a lead time as low as possible;

  • Design of a fast and accurate wafer stage with a box frame to let  x-ray beams pass;

  • Make a modular design to improve upgradability;

  • Cleanroom class 6 compatible.

The application

For next-generation wafer inspection, the customer developed a non-contact, non-destructive measurement for inline front-end processes. The benefits range from stand-alone applications to fully automated inline measurements where every single wafer can be measured in production. 


• The first prototype was delivered within the time budget after the start of the project. This was a result of the fact that all company competences were combined. This allowed for great collaboration of the design, manufacturing and assembly processes;

• The box frame was optimised for stiffness to get a high as possible system bandwidth to make sure that settling times and accuracies were according to specification;

• The modular design allows for various configurations of the system. The system can either be equipped with 5 or 7 motion axis. Also, if desired, a vibration isolation system can be integrated.


Stroke X-Y: 1050 mm x 490 mm
Speed: 1.4 m/s
Acceleration; 5 m/s2 for X-axis
Acceleration: 1 m/s2 for Y-axis

Stroke Z: 55 mm
Speed: 5 mm/sec
Drift: 50 nm in 20 sec.

Dual driven linear motor / AC motor-driven
Cleanroom class 6 compatible
Repeatability short term < 5 microns
Repeatability long term < 10 microns
Jitter 50 nm/20 sec.upper X-Y axis
Jitter 1 micron/20 sec. lower X-Y axis

Absolute accuracy < 15 microns
Linear guides XY- low profile recirculating units UK-6


PM offers unique in-house capabilities with extensive R&D and engineering service, application expertise for vacuum and ultra-high vacuum environments,


in-house manufacturing, cleanroom assembly and various metrology and testing equipment. For more detailed information please see our competence page.

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