The V-model approach

How we work: The V-Model

We follow a structured and transparent design methodology. Ultimately, partnering with PM is synonymous with close cooperation and customer satisfaction.

From conceptual idea to final product, PM uses a V-model for engineering design. Of course, user requirements are the starting point of any design process.

In order to attain the best possible design, we start by bringing the key technical challenges for each required function clearly into focus, so that a suitable design realisation can be found for each requirement. In this design phase PM applies one of its core competencies, i.e. the development of computational tools to fully characterise a system. This step precedes the building of any initial physical prototype.

Our own Multibody Dynamics analysis tool was specifically developed for this phase in the design process. In particular, the tool allows for the following characteristics to be analysed:

  • Operational system dynamics

  • Full system Frequency Response Functions

  • Constraint force quantification

  • (Feedforward / closed loop) controller dynamics

When proceeding from the conceptual stage to detailed design realisations, the information obtained from the Multibody Dynamics analysis tool can be used to tune vibration isolation systems and serve as a benchmark for e.g. bearing design.

The overall result of this approach is that fewer design iterations are required, meaning a significant reduction in the cost of development.

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