5-Axis system

One of our customers had stringent demands on lead time, and wanted to have a positioning system delivered with a relatively short lead time. Hence they came to PM. PM’s competences range from system development, system design, in-house manufacturing and assembling to final testing. In this specific project all those competences were used and combined. With all those competences present at one physical location PM managed to deliver the first prototype in record pace.

The challenges

  • Achieve a lead time as low as possible.

  • Design of a fast and accurate wafer stage with a box frame to let through the x-ray beams.

  • Make a modular design to enhance upgradability.


• The first prototype was delivered one year after the start of the project. This was a result of the fact that all company competences were combined. This allowed for great streamlining of the design, manufacturing and assembly processes.

• The box frame was optimized for stiffness to get a high as possible system bandwidth to make sure that settling times and accuracies were according to specification.

• The modular design allows for various configurations of the system. The system can either be equipped with 5 or 7 axis of motion. In addition, also the vibration isolation system can be upgraded if desired.

Our track record

Just some examples of positioning systems designed to application requirements. Contact us today to discuss your application, click here to send us an e-mail.

Measuring report

Measuring of both axis is done with laser interfero device.

(afbeelding meetrapport)


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