Positioning systems

Our extensive expertise in the positioning and motion system industry makes us a valued partner for the development of high precision systems. Whether our customer’s application is in science, optical, semiconductor or analytical industry, we are willing to provide you with hightech solutions.

Design approach

Our way of working can be characterized as structured and transparent. Ultimately, partnering with PM is synonymous with close cooperation and customer satisfaction.

From conceptual idea to final product, PM uses a V-model for engineering design. For the system engineers at PM, the user requirements are always the starting point to any design process. To come up with the most suitable design, first a few abstraction steps are needed.


This brings the key technical challenges for each required function clearly into focus, so that a suitable design realization can be found. In this design phase, PM uses its core competence of development of computational tools to fully characterize a system before the first physical prototype is ever built. Our own Multibody Dynamics analysis tool has been specially developed for this purpose. In particular the following characteristics can be studied:

  • Operational system dynamics

  • Full system Frequency Response Functions

  • Constraint force quantification

  • (Feedforward/closed loop) controller dynamics

Migrating from conceptual to detailed design realizations, the information gained from this analysis tool can be used to tune vibration isolation systems and serve as a benchmark for i.e. bearing design. Overall, fewer design iteration are required, significantly reducing the cost of development.

Our track record

Just some examples of positioning systems designed to application requirements. Contact us today to discuss your application, click here to send us an e-mail.

XY-stage for e-Beam application

This video shows a XY-stage which is designed for a lithography application in the semiconductor industry.
The stage includes a direct drive mechanism for both X and Y-axis. For increased stiffness and flatness a design with two sets linear bearings with a double prism is designed. The rails have a special developed mirror smooth finishing for extreme smooth running performance and positioning.


Highly demanding industries require innovation, precision and reliability with application expertise from their partners. PM products are used in the following industries and applications:

Semiconductor industry, optics and photonics, microscopy, factory automation, life science and medical & science.


PM offers unique in-house capabilities with our R&D and engineering service, application knowhow for vacuum and ultra-high vacuum environments,


in-house manufacturing, cleanroom assembly and various metrology and testing equipments. View our competence page for more detailed information