Large machining excellence

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Large machining excellence

We offer large machining services to produce large-sized and complex parts at tight tolerances for the semiconductor, aerospace and defence industry. Many years of experience in precision positioning stages and the high-tech motion industry has enabled us to supply other complex products as well.

The industries we serve


PM has unmatched in-house manufacturing expertise. With a long track record in the semiconductor industry, consistently high product quality is ensured, and each step in the manufacturing process is controlled. Our expertise has also led to increased flexibility: we can implement design changes quickly, and keep lead times as short as possible. 

Astronautics and aeronautics

The combination of astronautics and aeronautics is what we call aerospace. Aerospace parts are often challenging, complex and difficult to machine. We work closely with leading companies on ambitious projects in this industry. We also have experience in various successful space projects (e.g., Ariane) and in the production of landing gears and motor frames, to name a few products. As a result, we are well prepared for your high-precision and complex structural components. 


For over 50 years, we have been a reliable supplier to the world’s leading companies in the military and defence markets. PM has grown from a precision machining subcontractor into a leading supplier for complex machined parts and integrated assemblies.

As a key supplier, we are involved in major defence programs such as Thales radar systems, F16, F35, Apache, Chinook, NH90 Black Hawk, Mirage, CV-90 tank, Fennek, Boxer, PzH-2000 and the Patriot missile defence system.

Our long-term philosophy is to act as a system integrator responsible for engineering, manufacturing, assembly, testing, certification, delivery and supply of logistical support.

Material knowledge

We machine various exclusive materials. To name a few:

  • Titanium

  • Ceramics

  • Composites

  • Aluminium and its alloys

  • Stainless steel

  • Inconel

Number one in large and complex parts machining

PM's large machining department is well equipped for the production of complex and large structural components. The climate-controlled facilities are built to the latest standards (newly constructed in 2018). Below is an overview of the machines we use for the large machining services.

Smalles sized products as well

Because large machining is part of our business, we have other modern CNC machines available to machine smaller sized parts with sub-micron tolerances. These machines are used for the small-sized linear bearings and slides, which we offer in our catalogue and which can be customised.

The picture on the right shows vacuum chambers, an example of a complex and large product. Customers are related to the semiconductor, solar, research centres (particle accelerator systems) and the pharmacy industries. The vacuum products range from large products like chambers to small-sized tubes for electron microscopy.

Cleanroom assembly

Products are baked-out and cleaned before they arrive in our cleanroom(s). Mechanical, electrical and vacuum assembly engineers work in cleanroom class 6 on the final assembly and perform (RGA) inspection, file measuring reports and conduct final testings on the products before shipment.

Manufacturing service

With an in-depth vertical integration in manufacturing, a wide range of manufacturing services is available:

  • Turning up to 550 mm OD

  • Milling up to 10.5 metres in length

  • Drilling

  • Heat treatment

  • Precision straightening

  • Electrochemical machining

  • Flat and cylindrical grinding

  • Cleaning and assembly

We produce stage components, wafer chucks, holders and vacuum chambers for motion systems are produced in-house.

Since all critical production steps are done in-house, we have full control over every production step and take care of every important detail. With the vertical integration, you can rely on high product quality, more flexibility, lower cost and one main contact person for your project.

Double gantry Matec 40P

This vertical CNC milling machine can handle voluminous workpieces. The video gives an impression of the double gantry machine centre, the Matec-40P.

The stationary machine table enables heavyweight workpieces as the gantries are moving. All moving axes are guided by precision roller profile linear guides for high rigidity and to handle high forces in all directions.

Working area: 10.500 x 3400 x 1350 mm.
2-Axis swivel head.


Horizontal machining centre Bavius HBZ Aerocell

The production of large aluminium structural parts demands three things in general:

  1. a combination of high machining performance
  2. a skilled machinist
  3. high output for maximum productivity

This 5-axis machine combines the highest material remove rate output with the smallest footprint. We are able to machine up to 15 l/min. A pallet change system is integrated to permit loading and production at the same time.

Working area: 4000 x 2000 x 750 mm.

AXA VHC-3 XTS - 2 machines

These AXA machining centres are vertical milling machines and equipped with a tilting spindle head. One of the machines is partitioned into two sections to reduce the set-up times to a minimum. The Z-axis can travel between the two sections.

Working area: 7500 x 900 x 900 mm.


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