Application videos of positioning stages

Positioning stages are motion solutions, which include precision linear guides, motors, and positioning sensors. These stages are designed for customer-specific applications. They have tight tolerances on specifications such as flatness and straightness of movement, repeatability, stability, and move and settle times. Each application has its unique requirements which require customer-specific solutions. On this page, we present examples of customized motion solutions and their applications.

XY-positioning stage with Z-axis for life science

PM supports high-tech medical and life science OEMs with the design, manufacturing, and assembly of high-precision positioning systems. We optimize our clients' performance, increase quality and output, add technological know-how and minimize cost. Watch the video about an XYZ motion system that is designed for cell manipulation.

For more information about customised stage design please follow this link.

Wafer inspection stages for the semicon industry

Wafer inspection stages make a difference in semiconductor applications such as wafer defect, overlay, or CD inspection. The inspection stages are engineered to the application requirements. They are reliable, compact, precise, and offer a long service life. One example is the semiconductor industry where microchips are manufactured for use in smartphones, electric vehicles, aerospace, medical devices, and unmanned systems. The wafer inspection stage, also called motion system, in the video is designed for wafer metrology applications with increased output.

For more information about XY2Z-theta wafer inspection stages follow this link.

Large machining excellence at tight tolerances

Typical examples of products are positioning stage components, accurate machine frames, and vacuum chambers for the motion systems we produce. Other examples are large structural components for the aerospace and defense industry.

Watch the video for an impression.

For more information about large machining capabilities, follow this link.

Positioning stages for medical applications

Positioning stages that we developed are used in modern life science and medical applications. This could range from manual adjustments to automated systems. Just to name a few: surgical and patient tables, X-ray devices, robot-assist-surgery, laser surgery, microscopy, and digital imaging (neurosurgery, ophthalmology, dental).

The common ground these applications have is smooth and precise linear movements, rigidity, high repeatability, and compact size. PM is one of the leading manufacturers that follow new trends in the industry and develops new products in close cooperation with its customers. In this video, we show a positioning stage that is used in an optical system for ophthalmology.

For more information about customised stage design please follow this link.

Ball screw stages for metrology

Ball screw stages are known for their high precision, while the aerospace industry is known for its critical parts. Zero failure and strict tolerances. We designed high-precision positioning stages for use in coordinate measuring machines. They are used for optical and tactile measurements in the aerospace industry.

Examples of measurements:
• inspection of surface roughness
• contours
• forms
• axial runouts and
• dimension tolerances

The stages are driven by ball screws. Typical linear bearings are crossed roller guides that offer high rigidity and move with high precision and reliability. PM supports metrology customers with customized designs so they can achieve maximum returns with their applications.

To learn more about positioning stages follow this link.

Defense systems require accurate rotary bearings!

Typical applications of PM’s rotary bearing solutions are aircraft laser optics, cameras in unmanned drones, robotic vehicles, and radar systems. Watch the video for an impression

PM manufactures a range of customized rotary-bearing. They are customized in material, design, cages, and lubrication and meet strict manufacturing and quality standards. For more information about the rotary bearings follow this link.

Miniature linear slides boost advancements in robotic surgery

The range of miniature linear slides has opened new possibilities in robot-assisted surgery. They have revolutionized the field of surgery and new developments are going on.

The incorporation of a compact footprint and all-stainless steel design, along with miniature slides that offer nearly frictionless and highly accurate motion, enables medical professionals to execute a wide range of complex procedures with enhanced precision.

Patients take benefit of this by:

  • better, more precise surgery compared to a human

  • less pain

  • minimal invasiveness

  • less risk of infection, and

  • shorter recovery time and shorter hospital stay

The devices/instruments used by robotic surgery require components to fit in small spaces. Behind the seamless movement and precision of surgical robots, miniature linear slides are the real heroes. They play a crucial role in tasks, like diagnosing, cutting, tying, and suturing.

Miniature slides type MSR are popular in these applications. They enable precise, low-friction, and highly accurate linear movements and are able to carry loads. They facilitate the smooth and controlled movement of robotic arms and medical instruments, enabling surgeons to perform operations with exceptional precision.

The integration of linear slides into surgical robots has opened up new possibilities in healthcare, offering patients safer, more efficient, and effective treatment options. This advancement holds great promise for the future of robotic surgery and the overall improvement of patient care.

Enjoy watching the video about miniature linear slides and robot-assisted surgery!

Needle roller guides maximise gear quality

Needle roller guides, also called linear bearings with needle cages, are being used in both the vertical and horizontal axes of gear hobbing machines. These machines are used for manufacturing gears in industries that require exceptional precision, such as the watch industry.

Watches rely on micro gears that must adhere to extremely tight tolerances. Depending on the design, a single watch can contain anywhere from 2 to 6 gears. Given the need for utmost reliability in watches, it is evident that the manufacturers of watches place significant demands on the precision and quality of the gears. which are the heart of every watch.

Needle roller guides excel in the machine tool industry

Needle roller guides are the perfect choice for the machine tools industry due to their exceptional load-carrying capacity and rigidity. These guides excel in moving heavy loads with utmost precision. They are widely used in various applications such as milling machines and grinding machines, thanks to their compact installation and the incorporation of a cage.

Additionally, they find great utility in production machines for the packaging industry, where precise movements combined with high loads are frequently encountered. Apart from their dimensions, these guides offer the advantage of smooth motion with consistently low coefficients of friction.

The production process is meticulously fine-tuned and requires craftsmanship. PM masters the fine details of it and carries out the entire critical production internally. This has been the case since 1966!