Chi-Phi-XYZ System

A great example of a customised positioning system solution with a compact footprint and pioneering design. This positioning system offers a high travel accuracy in 5 degrees of freedom at low speed. These products are popular in material research and metrology applications.

This unique designed multi-axis system include PM competences for design, manufacturing and assembly. The system offers different linear bearing technologies, for example crossed roller linear bearings RSDE with Anti-Cage Creep technology (ACC) but also ball recirculating units with circular center rails are used. This combination of technologies means that they are perfect matched to the application and meet the demands for precision and compact design.


The Chi-axis is designed with Flat Mounted table Bearing FMB. This product offers a flat mounting surface and high rotary motion accuracy. The standard accuracy class is N and offers a wobble error < 3 microns in this diameter and an axial runout error < 2 microns. As the FMB bearing offers a flat mounting surface with countersunk attachment holes, it enable the assembly to be easy and fast. The FMB is driven by a worm-gear combination which is play-free preloaded for bi-directional high repeatability.


The Phi-axis is the bottom axis of the system and needs to be rigid, have high load capacity and have a high precision accuracy. For guiding the ring slide, a RPM is used with recirculating units for unlimited stroke. The one-piece carriage is designed to fit four recirculating units, two outer and two inner units. The units are matched as set and pre-loaded for accuarcy, stiffness and smooth motion. 


For the compact XY-stages crossed roller precision linear bearings RSDE with Anti-Cage Creep technology are used. The plastic roller cage, with high density of rollers, offer equal load capacity in the four major directions. The motors, ball screws and switches are integrated in the design and all components are protected by a cover plate. The XY-stage offers high repeatability with smooth  and precise motion.

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