November 30, 2020

NEW: MSR 3 - the smallest slide in the industry

With a height of only 3.2 mm and a width of 5.5 mm, the new size offers maximum space savings. Especially with limited installation space, the MSR 3 provides the advantages of cross roller bearings together with an anti-cage creep solution in the smallest package available. The MSR 3 offers high stiffness, high durability and high precision in very tight installation spaces.

The MSR miniature slides can accommodate loads from all directions and guarantee high stiffness and precision in use. There are 7 sizes in different lengths and strokes to choose from. The new MSR 3 comes in 4 different lengths: 8, 15, 20 and 25 mm and covers stroke lengths from 5 - 20 mm.

The MSR 3 includes all design features of the MSR range:

  • 100% stainless steel design makes them also usable in medical and semiconductor equipment

  • Crossed roller bearings permits load from every direction and offers stiffness enabling high-precision motion

  • Preloaded assembly guarantees play-free motion

  • Anti-cage creep mechanism makes the slide usable in every mounting orientation and increases the reliability

  • Ultra-compact design makes the MSR slide attractive for miniature machines and instruments with a small footprint

For more information and 3D CAD Models follow this link.