Anti-Cage Creep Linear Guides

Anti-Cage Creep (ACC) technology prevents cage drift in crossed roller linear guides, in more casual contexts, sometimes called anti-friction linear guides. Even with high accelerations of up to 15G and high-frequency short-stroke movements. ACC has been proven to be the most compact, robust, and reliable solution available in the market. Read here about our solution.

The problem: cage creep in linear guides

Cage creep can occur in linear guides with limited strokes and cages. Typically non-recirculating linear guide applications where vibrations, improper mounting, very high acceleration (and de-acceleration), inadequate tolerances on the mounting surfaces, and uneven preloading, or moment loading are present. Vertical applications are also sensitive to cage slippage, simply due to the force of gravity where the cages slowly creep down.

As the cage drifts out of its original position, increased friction, reduced travel length, and premature wear of the linear guides occur. As the cage creeps it will hit the end stops and can damage the cage. This results in a shorter lifetime and can result in premature failures of the linear guide.

How to avoid cage creep

The engineers of PM have further enhanced the anti-cage creep technology (ACC), making it suitable for high-tech and extremely dynamic applications. ACC is integrated into a crossed roller guide with either a glued rack or with electrochemical machining (ECM) directly into the rail. Anti-cage creep is available in two versions:

1. ACC: with glued rack in the bottom of the V-groove

2. ACCI: embedded rack machined in the bottom of the V-groove and through hardened. The length of the rail is limited by the machine and this version is only available with stainless steel linear guides. This version is popular with applications in vacuum and ultra-high vacuum environments.

For decades, the Anti-Cage Creep solution of PM has proven its superior ability to prevent cage creep when applied in the most demanding applications and operating in the most challenging conditions. 

Drop-in solution

The ACC technology is integrated into the design of the linear guide without influencing the external boundary or mounting dimensions. Linear guides with anti-cage creep solution have the same attachment holes as the standard linear guides. This allows for drop-in replacement of guides in under-performing applications with the anti-cage creep solution without additional machining or redesign costs for table parts.

Type of linear bearings with anti-cage creep technology

We offer two types of linear bearing models which are available with anti-cage creep technology ACC;

  • RSDE-ACC high load cross roller guide, available in roller sizes 3, 4, and 6 mm. Drop-in solution for the standard precision linear guides type RSD

  • RNG-ACC, space and weight saving cross roller guide, available in roller sizes 4 and 6 mm.

The V-groove geometry offer for both rail types a longer surface contact area. In combination with the tightly spaced cylindrical rollers in the cage, the running features are unbeatable.

Materials used in anti-creep cages

There are two types of anti-cage creep cages in linear bearings. The cages can be used for both linear guide types, RSDE and RNG rail guides. For normal usage cage type, KRE can be selected, made of polymer (POM material) within the center a small metal spur gear that matches with the gear rack integrated into the rail.

For vacuum and ultra-high vacuum environments cage type KREV, made from PEEK is available in roller sizes 4 and 6 mm.

These roller cages can optionally be supplied with stainless steel cylindrical rollers.

Download here 3D CAD models of linear guides with anti-cage creep technology

Friction force of anti-cage creep linear bearings

The ACC solution for linear bearings is the result of an extremely careful design and manufacturing process. The graph illustrates the resulting fact that the force to be applied to overcome friction remains virtually unchanged. 

Operating temperature for anti-cage creep technology

Linear guides with ACC technology are capable of operating in temperatures up to +80 °C. This gives ACC a significant advantage over similar systems using plastic components. 


Max. acceleration 150 m/s² (15G)


Main benefits of anti-cage creep cross-roller guides

Anti-cage creep linear bearings are popular in use. Attached is a summary of the main benefits cited by our customers as to why they chose PM's solution.

  • A robust and long-lasting solution

  • No redesign cost by replacement of standard linear guides

  • Drop-in solution

  • Low additional costs compared to a set of standard guides

  • Smooth, high-accurate motion

  • Does not affect the load-carrying capacity

  • A reliable solution in every mounting orientation

What is included in a set of anti-cage creep bearings

A set of anti-cage creep cross-roller linear bearing consists of four rails and two roller cage assemblies. End pieces are for cage stop not required since the roller cage can not move out of the rails as it is controlled by the rack and gear system.

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